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The comprehensive course structure facilitates serious learners to experience a range of technique across a number of styles.


music store STRUCTURE

  • Age 5 and up
  • 45 min or 60 min
  • Individual coaching
  • Trinity/ Rockschool


Start with an introduction to the parts of the drumset, drumstick techniques, snare drum rudiments, accents, dynamics, drum fills, cymbal crashes, bass drum beats and much more!

Upon completion of the Initial level, the student will begin to develop groove playing, notated fills, syncopated eights and sixteenth note grooves. Graduated dynamics will also be taught in this level.

For the more advanced levels (Grade 6 – 8), the students will start experimenting with a range of techniques across a number of musical styles. There is a great emphasis on personal expression and displaying own musical personality around the kit in a number of soloing musical contents.